The presents you wrap unfortunately don’t always come in sizes that either use up the entire wrapping paper sheet or leave enough of the sheet after wrapping for you to perhaps use on another gift. The leftover pieces are often too small to wrap anything but a little too big to chuck out as it seems wasteful.

I used to have a habit of collecting loose scrap pieces of wrapping paper from all the gifts I’ve wrapped over the years. Whenever I got a crafty kick, I spent the little free time I had making ‘stuff’. When I made the move to my new place bit over a year ago, I decided to part ways with all my ‘scraps’. Of course old habits die hard as I have a growing pile of wrapping paper pieces since Crumpled came about.

The bow folding I’m about to share is the perfect way to use up those leftover pieces after wrapping a gift. It’ll also add a cute gifty feel to your present.

As long as the paper you choose is a square in its shape, you will be able to make the bow. I used a piece of the Lady’s Script from the Ampersand series.





































































You can have so much fun with this! Not only can you replace the ribbon on your gift with this bow, you can also use it to decorate cards, Christmas trees, birthday parties or even use it as a bookmark by adding it on top of a cardboard/thin plastic strip.










Happy folding everyone!

It’s a wrap!